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In this issue, resident commentators, journalist João Marcelino and lawyer and consultant Luís Miguel Henrique, moderated by journalist José Carlos Lourinho, discussed the economic impact of sports tourism in Portugal.

For this edition, we have the special participation of António da Cunha, CEO of Move Sports, one of the companies that leads this segment in Portugal.

Tourism is experiencing the best period ever in Portugal: in 2017 tourism revenues were 17 billion euros and the trend is for them to continue growing in the coming years.

In this million dollar cake, there is a slice that is unknown, generated by sports tourism.

Just for golf, Portugal is visited by 300,000 tourists every year. It is estimated that they spend 120 million euros in Portugal.

Last year, in just 11 days, the world surfing championship in Peniche generated 14 million euros to the local economy and an occupancy rate of almost 100% in hotels and restaurants.

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