Excited, Agatha remembers parents and talks about marriage – News

Excited, Agatha remembers parents and talks about marriage - News

Another "Tell Me How You Are" was broadcast, a program led by Fátima Lopes, who this time interviewed Agatha. An emotional conversation that had many tears.

Initially, the presenter began by recalling the moment when the artist tried to move away from the world of music. On that decision, the singer explained that there were several reasons for this, one of them being the fact that her husband, Francisco Carvalho, thought he should leave the stage because he had already worked too hard and that it was time to dedicate more to his family. But this was not the only reason, because he also felt that the song was very "trivialized". She felt unmotivated and needed to think about the future.

However, he did not retire for a long time and, he says, this year "anything stirred with him" and made "Agatha reborn that lives daily inside itself, which is a hurricane."

But he does not forget: "When my mother died I said to her: When you die, I will not sing anymore. And she said, do not do it, daughter. "

Agatha thought she would not sing after the death of her mother, who left about eight years ago, because, she confesses, "she was the one who gave him this life." "I think it's the dream she wanted for her, but she could not because she was a mother at 16, " he added, noting that the theme 'Single Mother' was made to think of the mother.

From a young age the artist has a special connection with the world of music. When I was a child, I sang to my brothers and neighbors. This passion came from her mother's side since she liked to have built a career in the industry but did not do so because she was a very early mother. "At that time, being linked to the theater or music … There were very heavy labels. And my father was very jealous. She was a beautiful woman, had the soul of an artist, "he explained.

But it was not just the mother who felt proud. His father's eyes also 'glittered'. "He was very vain and thought I was very much like him. And I'm! The look is from my father, "he shared.

The parents attended some of their concerts and, he recalls, "made some sacrifices in life" so that he could pursue his career in music.

Visibly moved, Agatha recognizes that she has "many parents' homesicknesses", remembering some occasions that she lived with them and that she will never forget. "Christmas as a family, the soul of my father who was the spirit of our house. From when he came home with a box of cakes for everyone. When I saw him counting the pennies on the table, which were the tips his customers gave him, I thought, One day I'll give you more than that. And I gave! I never let my father and mother miss anything"He assured.

For them, they were "a very humble, very honest couple who never gave them anything but love, that was everything".

Marriage with Francisco Carvalho

Another of the topics covered during the interview were the news that have arisen about the marriage with Francisco Carvalho. There were rumors in the press that the couple were separated. Speculations that the artist had already denied last month in conversation with Manuel Luís Goucha. "There is an agreement between me and Francisco and we go walking and laughing. Sometimes, when I feel like it, I'm in Chaves and other times, when I feel like it, I'm in Lisbon, "he said at the time.

Now Agatha added: "He is a very cold person, who is always focused on work and the family is always in the background. He's a good father, an excellent father. A person who loves me in his way. It is a person who puts everything first and if there is anything left, it is for me. I think I come after the kids, the family and everything. It is a person who is always willing to help me, it is really a love of person, but it is very cold, very radical, do not show the feelings. The opposite of me. I often say that these points attract each other and when we come together we make a spark. Only then does that cloud fall on me because that's not what I wanted in my life. "

The singer confessed that "sometimes" feels "lost." "I feel love, but I do not know if that's it. I no longer know if I want to be alone, if being in Chaves is the most comfortable for me. I think Francisco at the moment put the football in front of me and whoever heard him speak sees that he is a very hard and cold person. He is like this with everyone, but then there is also the other side, compassion … He is a person with a heart the size of the world. If I call him with a problem, he will try to help soon, and never rule out a chance to be present when I really need it. But in the hours when I really wish he were by my side, I'm alone"He concluded.

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