Executive Luxury Tourism course advances at EHTA

Executive Luxury Tourism course advances at EHTA

The School of Hospitality and Tourism of the Algarve (EHTA) is one of the three schools of Turismo de Portugal where the new Executive Course in Luxury Tourism will be taught.

“Training tourism professionals with skills to provide personalized and exclusive experiences, satisfy desires and provide genuine emotions, through an excellent service”, is the main objective of this training, according to EHTA.

The basis on which the course is based, also taught in Lisbon and Porto, is “a smarter, more responsible and more emotional luxury”.

The course starts in April and is aimed at professionals in the sector who are working in this segment or others who want to focus on the very exclusive universe of luxury hospitality.

"The development of the course involved the involvement of stakeholders who already work and generate business for this segment, which places this training very much in line with the real needs of the sector", stresses, in a statement, Paula Vicente, director of the School of Hotel and Tourism from the Algarve.

The course coordinator at EHTA, Ângela Martins, reinforces that the training aims to “prove that hospitality, luxury and comfort can coexist side by side with a more proactive environmental awareness, creating unique, positive and memorable experiences”,

“In a country where tourism is becoming increasingly important in boosting the economy, people and their skills are the priorities of the Tourism 2027 strategy”, points out EHTA.

The course will last 165 hours, divided into 6 mandatory modules and 4 optional modules.

All information about the course is available on the website of the Turismo de Portugal schools.


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