Exhibition “O Morcego Bibliotecário” in Loulé

Exhibition “O Morcego Bibliotecário” in Loulé

The Municipal Library Sophia de Mello Breyner, in Loulé, resumed its activity on March 15th.

As part of its cultural promotion program, the library will receive, from April 5 to 21, the exhibition “O Morcego Bibliotecário”, by Paulo Galindro.

This exhibition of illustrations by Paulo Galindro is born from the text by Carmen Zita Ferreira, “O Morcego Bibliotecário”, which tells us about bats and their ability to capture insects, which has allowed the preservation of books from some of the oldest and most relevant libraries Portuguese. A story with wings that emphasizes the love of books, reading and libraries.

Paulo Galindro lends and dedicates in this work all his art and passion, experimenting, for the first time, to show the greatness of his maternal surname (Paulo Jorge Carvão Galindro) in the technique of illustrating a book (charcoal on paper).

Intended for the general public, this exhibition can be visited during the opening hours of the Headquarters Library. Entrance is free.


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