Facebook creates app that pays users for access to their data – Internet

Facebook creates app that pays users for access to their data - Internet

Facebook announced this week that it will launch a new app, named "Study from Facebook," which will aim to gather information about smartphone users. The data collected includes the applications installed on the phone, the time spent by the user in them, as well as the country, device and type of network used.

In compensation, Facebook will pay these users for allowing access to their data. The American company guarantees that it will not see any specific content, including messages, passwords and websites visited by the user, and that any participant can leave the project at any time.

The Study will be available on the Google Play Store for Android devices in the United States and India. However, not all users will be able to install the application. Facebook will target users through a commercial, only viewers can click to subscribe to the program. Mark Zuckerberg's company does not reveal how much it will pay each participant.

In a way, the Study comes on the heels of the controversial Facebook Research. Created discreetly in 2016, as a "pilot project," the app offered users ages 13 to 35 a monthly voucher worth $ 20. This project would eventually be canceled following the release of its existence a few months ago by Tech Crunch.

In order to avoid controversies like the previous one, Facebook revealed that the age of the participants will be verified, not being allowed to join the program by those under 18 years of age. In addition, several screens will be presented with the exact description of the type of data that the application will collect and how they will be used.

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