Facebook Criptomoeda may arrive already this month – Internet

Facebook Criptomoeda may arrive already this month - Internet

Facebook may be in the process of launching its own crypto-currency. The Information writes that the company will debut it during the month of June and that there are plans to put it in line with some of the major consumer circuits of users.

Already during this first month of life, the technology intends to create physical kiosks where it will be possible to exchange real money for crypto coins from Facebook. The US giant is also planning a set of benefits for merchants who accept this digital currency in their services and there will also be the option, for Facebook's own collaborators, to be paid in crypto-coins.

Facebook declined to comment on the rumor after being contacted by the press.

If you confirm the bet on the cryptomania, Facebook will certainly face some resistance from the market, since the privacy scandals to which it has its associated name have strongly impacted its reputation. However, it is also true that the company will turn to outside companies to keep the blockchain system running smoothly.

International press writes that Mark Zuckerberg's company is going to charge $ 10 million for the currency license, which includes storage and distribution. In addition, the currency will be supported by real money, so that it remains stable and not oscillating, as is the case with Bitcoin, for example.

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