Facebook registers dismissal of executives at the top of the hierarchy – News

Facebook registers dismissal of executives at the top of the hierarchy - News

The social network lost its number three, Chris Cox and Chris Daniels, responsible for WhatsApp. The reason is the new privacy strategies that Mark Zuckenberg wants to implement.

The world's largest social network remains destabilized. A day after the biggest "blackout" of Facebook and other networks in the group, Mark Zuckenberg's technology continues to speak out. It was the leader himself who announced on the blog that two high-ranking executives left the company: Chris Cox was number three in the Facebook hierarchy, managing the product of the social network; and Chris Daniels, current manager of WhatsApp.

The outputs are linked to the new vision that Mark Zuckenberg intends for Facebook, with the implementation of measures focused on the privacy of users. Measures that result from the Cambridge Analytica case's privacy breach scandals.

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Mark Zuckenberg with Chris Cox

The exits were peaceful, with the leader to praise the contribution of the executives who left the company. Chris Cox had been in the group for more than 10 years, starting as an engineer, followed by the first teams of human resources, the mobile application of Facebook, and other business areas of the social network. "Along the way, Chris has helped me train so many great leaders, who now have important roles throughout the company, some of whom will now take on more important responsibilities," Mark Zuckenberg said in his note, paving the way for the presentation of his substitutes.

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