Facebook's Level Up streaming program reaches 21 countries but not yet Portugal – Computers

Facebook's Level Up streaming program reaches 21 countries but not yet Portugal - Computers

Facebook wants to increase its position in the streaming segment to compete with YouTube and Twitch by extending support for monetary rewards to streamers.

The social network Facebook intends to continue to focus on the business of streaming, streaming video to video games or other content, aiming to attract users with payments through the program Level Up. Streamers who are eligible to the system can amelevate Facebook Stars, which acts as the Bits of Twitch, meaning they are small donations that fans make to channel's influencers and entertainers.

Another advantage offered by Level Up is the possibility of accessing transmissions with better quality, at a resolution of 1080p and 60 frames per second. There are also unique dashboard characterization tools, early access to new features and other systems to increase the channel community, which will be accessed through its growth.

In order to apply for the special program, streamers will have to meet certain requirements, such as streaming video games for a number of hours per week, having at least 100 followers on their page, and of course being within the countries covered by Level Up. which is not the case in Portugal. Nothing prevents the interested parties from working on the necessary requirements and making transmissions on the platform, but will only be paid when the program reaches our country.

For now only 21 countries are supported by the program, including the United States, Japan, Brazil, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico or Spain, to name a few. But Facebook has plans to continue to add more regions.

To enhance its commitment to gaming and to highlight its streaming service, Facebook decided to invest in eSports as well, having signed an agreement with ESL One, focused on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments.

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