Facing the far right calls for "union between democrats and progressives", argues António Costa – O Jornal Económico

The Portuguese prime minister today defended the need for dialogue to create a "great union between democrats and progressives" that would allow the far right to be dealt with, with a view to forming a clear majority in the European institutions.

"In the next elections to the European Parliament, no party will have a majority and it is necessary to build alliances," the Portuguese official told reporters before meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace in Paris.

In Paris this Monday, for a lightning visit before the European elections which includes a dinner with Emmanuel Macron, António Costa said that Democrats and progressives must work together to counter the "far right international" who met this weekend in Italy and will be able to elect many MEPs in the May 26 elections.

"Of course we have to work together in Europe and ensure that, starting next Monday, between the different political families, there is the capacity for dialogue that will allow a great union between democrats and progressives in Europe […] When we see the far right to build a European-wide international, it is time to realize that regardless of the differences between them, all democrats and progressives are able to have a common vision that responds in a positive way to the desires and needs of the citizens, "the Portuguese prime minister said.

In response to reporters who questioned the fact that António Costa seems closer to Emmanuel Macron, whose party (Republic in March) will probably sit in the group of liberals, than the French socialists, the Portuguese prime minister devalued political rivalry on this issue.

"We have to have a dialogue with everyone, and as prime minister of Portugal I speak to all those who sit at the European Council because that is how the dialogue must be produced and the political solutions[…] Europe today is very politically pulverized, "he said.

The prime minister also said that the alliance with France has been "very fruitful". "It has been a very fruitful alliance that has allowed us to put as a priority a theme that three and a half years ago only the Portuguese Government and the Greek Government placed as a priority, which was the reform of the euro zone, which today, with the great President Macron, is one of the central issues, "António Costa said, citing a proposal for a euro zone budget capacity to finance the competitiveness and convergence of the 28 that will be presented in June.

The prime minister visited the BHV warehouses this afternoon, where Portugal has a prominent place until June 25 as a guest country, then had a meeting with Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, and will have dinner with Emmanuel Macron at Eliseu.

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