“Failure to comply with minimum services should lead to immediate civil requisition,” says Santana Lopes – O Jornal Económico

The Alliance condemns the “alarmist stance” adopted by the Government of António Costa, which says it caused the fuel shortage in several stations in the country, even before the strike began. The party led by Pedro Santana Lopes recognizes the legitimate right to strike, but stresses that failure to comply with minimum services should lead to immediate civil requisition.

“The Alliance considers that non-compliance with the established minimum services should lead to immediate civil requisition by the Government, without delay, considering the best interests of the Portuguese. Exceptionally, exceptional measures are required, especially when they call into question or seriously undermine the fundamental rights of other citizens, ”reads a statement issued by the party on the drivers' strike that kicked off Monday.

The Alliance Executive Committee argues that the negotiating period “was not over” and should take place, as planned, until December 2019. The party understands that the current situation ”embodies an environment of significant instability in an important period for the lives of thousands. Portuguese citizens, for the functioning of vital services, and for the sustainability of the national economy ”, especially in the tourism and perishable products sector.

“The Alliance calls for common sense and a commitment to dialogue between all parties, so that the dispute can be quickly resolved and new bridges of negotiation established,” he said.

The party also rejects any political approval by the government as a result of the dispute between the unions and the National Association of Public and Road Hauliers (Antram).

"We also stressed the irresponsibility of the Government to undertake training to put security forces in place of drivers, which could pose a real danger to their safety and to the population at large," he says, to mediate. negotiations between the parties "required a neutral and respectful positioning of the parties to the conflict."

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