Families, housing, education, health and climate are priorities in Loulé for 2020 – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Families, housing, education, health and climate are priorities in Loulé for 2020 - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

At a Chamber meeting on October 30, it was approved to submit to the Municipal Assembly, in the form of a proposal, the Budget and Major Options of the Plan for 2020 in the municipality of Loulé. Support for families, housing promotion, education, health, climate change adaptation or tax reduction to attract investment remain the main guidelines of municipal policy.

As a result of financial stabilization and the good results achieved in recent years, it was possible to allocate a larger amount next year related to priority and necessary investments for the population. Thus, with the incorporation of reserves from previous years, the 2020 budget is expected to amount to 159,911,192.00 euros. This increase will allow a capital expenditure of EUR 79.18 million, ie an increase of EUR 47.2 million over the initial budget.

Pursuing the Local Housing Strategy approved in 2019 and which will directly support 1400 households in housing access by 2030, next year will be an important step in housing construction in Salir, Ameixial and Alte, beyond completion. Clona (Loulé) allotment projects.

In the parishes of Almancil and Quarteira, the Local Housing Strategy is still in a phase of identifying lots and land with a view to building in those territories of the county.

With regard to education, the main ongoing investment concerns the construction of the EB2.3 D. Dinis School in Quarteira. But the Municipality of Loulé also intends to promote the construction of two primary schools – Loulé and Quarteira – as well as a new kindergarten in the city of Quarteira (Forte Novo), responding to the increase in the school community in these teaching cycles. , in the last years. In Quarteira is still planned to build a new school for the specialized teaching of dance.

In the area of ​​health, we highlight the beginning of construction of the new health building in the city of Loulé, a unit that will integrate the group of Central Health Centers – ACES Central, Family Health Unit – Lauroé, Health Care Unit in the Community – Loulé People and University Health Center. They will also start projects to expand and improve facilities at the Almancil and Quarteira Health Centers.

In the field of social intervention, the Municipality will continue with continued support to the most needy, with an even greater intervention by the Loulé Solidário Regulation.

Environmental concern and climate action continue to deserve the best attention of municipal officials and, accordingly, will continue ongoing projects on climate change adaptation and mitigation, focusing on energy and water efficiency, smooth mobility, the enhancement and protection of the territory, sustainability and environmental education and awareness.

Noteworthy is the Municipal Plan for Climate Action, a resource of valuable knowledge for the development of territorial and sectoral projects and which will allow competing for financing solutions; the implementation of the Municipal Contingency Plan for Drought Periods, in order to minimize the impacts and consequences associated with drought situations; the creation of Energy Communities in schools, through the production of renewable energy in schools, allied to the pedagogical component; the development of new networks for Soft Mobility; the implementation of the Municipal Environment and Territory Observatory as an information and monitoring tool and the aspiring UNESCO World Geopark, Algarvensis Loulé-Silves-Albufeira Geopark, combining the protection and promotion of heritage, while fostering sustainable territorial development through geological richness, as well as the knowledge and precious involvement of local communities.

In order to improve citizens' quality of life, the 2020 budget also foresees a substantial share in order to increase access to water and sewage supplies with a growing coverage network in the county. Clareanes, Malhada Velha and Carvalhal, Vale Telheiro or the water and sewage network along EN 125 between Maritenda and Quatro Estradas are some of the ongoing or forthcoming interventions.

Regarding access to Sport and Culture, two important investments should be highlighted for the impact they will have on the communities: the Quarteira Education and Culture Center or the Multipurpose Sports Pavilion in Almancil, both currently in the public tender phase.

It should also be noted that, in order to support families and, on the other hand, to promote the business dynamism that characterizes the municipality of Loulé, Loulé City Council maintains its tax relief for 2020, as has been the case in recent years. years. Loulé is, moreover, one of the few municipalities that maintains the minimum tax rates provided by law.

This document will be presented and submitted for approval at the next session of the Municipal Assembly.



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