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Web of relations in the Government Costa and Parliament joins 27 people and 12 families in power - The Economic Journal

The number of family relations in the Government involves a total of 50 people and 20 families, and also an ex-couple. A previous count pointed out that there were 27 people and 12 families in power, but in recent days more names have come to the public.

Among the entrants and exits, 50 people with family relations with each other, or with one of the PS deputies, or with some relation of ex-MPs or socialist leaders (current or former), or who have been nominated for a state body in this legislature, for a total of 20 families.

The news of the last days shows the existence of more family relations in the Government. The Observer newspaper said that the wife and brother of the former Secretary of State for Defense and member of the Socialist Party Marcos Perestrello hold positions by government appointment. Since November 2018 Sara Perestrello de Vasconcellos, married to Marcos Perestrello, is the chief of staff of Graça Fonseca, Minister of Culture. Miguel Perestrello de Vasconcelos, the brother of Marcos Perestrello, was named as a member of the 'Movijovem' board, by the Minister of Labor and Social Security, António Vieira da Silva.

Carlos Alberto Fernandes Pinto works under the aegis of Cláudia Joaquim, at the Secretary of State for Social Security, as chief of staff. He was appointed chief of staff on December 7, 2015, when the secretary still formed the team. However, the government liaison is with his wife, Susana Amador and current deputy and vice president of the parliamentary bench of the PS. Former mayor of Odivelas passed by the Government of José Sócrates.

Tiago Gonçalves is the chief of staff of the Secretary of State for Consumer Protection, João Torres, since October 2018. However, the connection is not with Torres because the former leader of the Socialist Youth is the son of the former Mayor of Peniche , Jorge Rosendo Gonçalves. Tiago Gonçalves was an advisor to the parliamentary group of the PS but had already worked in the Town Council of Lumiar, under the leadership of Pedro Delgado Alves. He was also a senior technician at the Regional Directorate for Education in the Azores, between 2012 and 2015, controlled by Vasco Cordeiro, also a socialist.

According to the Observer, João Ruivo is Deputy Secretary of State for Regional Development, Maria do Céu Albuquerque. His wife, Ângela Ferreira became Secretary of State for Culture in October 2018. The couple thus assumes different secretaries in the same time period.

Also noteworthy for the entry of Catarina Hasse Ferreira, daughter-in-law of the former socialist deputy Joel Hasse Ferreira. Catherine was appointed to the post of Secretary of State for Employment, Miguel Cabrita, in February 2016. Although in the past she had already taken up a position in the ministry, she only assumed an essential position when the PS was promoted to the Government.

The arrival to the most talked about Government of recent times has been the entrance of Catarina Gamboa. Married to Pedro Nuno Santos, Gamboa jumped to the Secretariat of State for Parliamentary Affairs shortly after her husband left. With the controversy installed, Pedro Nuno Santos published a message on his social network Facebook where he explained the position of the woman as chief of staff of Duarte Cordeiro.

Duarte Cordeiro, a graduate in Economics and frequently in the Master's degree in Management, is currently Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs. In addition to the Santos-Gamboa couple, the secretary took Pedro Anastácio to his office. Pedro Anastácio, besides being a member of the national secretariat of Socialist Youth, and now belonging to the cabinet of Cordeiro, is son of the deputy of the PS Fernando Anastácio.

Pedro Anastácio worked in the law firm with Eduardo Paz Ferreira, husband of the Minister of Justice, Francisca Van Dunem, the Observer said. Paz Ferreira joins government family connections when, in October 2018, he renegotiated the concession of the Sines terminal to Singapore PSA, chosen by Ana Paula Vitorino.

Ana Paula Vitorino, the current Minister of the Sea of ​​Government of António Costa, is married to Eduardo Cabrita, also current Minister of Internal Affairs of Costa. The minister first joined the Government in 2015 that the husband, while Eduardo Cabrita only took office in 2017.

Another case in point is José António Vieira da Silva, Minister of Labor and Solidarity and Social Security, who also has his daughter in the Government. Mariana Vieira da Silva was António Costa's right-hand man when she was in São Bento, and was promoted to minister of the Presidency. Minister Vieira da Silva is also married to Socialist deputy Sónia Fertuzinhos.

João Gomes Cravinho replaced Azeredo Lopes in the defense portfolio, rising to the position of minister. However, Gomes Cravinho is the son of a former socialist minister, João Cravinho. The socialist minister was part of the Government of António Guterres, where he held the position of Minister of Equipment, Planning and Territory Administration in 1995.

Guilherme d'Oliveira Martins was a minister, MP of the PS and is a former president of the Court of Auditors. However, the connection with the current Government came with the appointment of his son, Guilherme Waldemar d'Oliveira Martins, in 2015, as Secretary of State for Infrastructures.

João Pedro Matos Fernandes, Minister of the Environment and Energy Transition, is the son of José Matos Fernandes, former Secretary of State for Justice, in the time of Vera Jardim. However, the connection of Matos Fernandes does not end here. Isabel Marrana, married to the current Minister of the Environment, belonged to the office of the Secretary of State for Spatial Planning and Nature Conservation. Marrana still belonged to the government of Socrates when he was deputy minister of the Environment.

Duarte Cordeiro appears again in the list of links. Susana Ramos was chosen in January to head the Fund for Social Innovation. When Cordeiro was the Lisbon City Council, Ramos coordinated the Social Rights Department. In 2017 she was appointed coordinator of the National Management Unit of the EEA Grants (Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area).

Mafalda Serrasqueiro, graduated in Communication Sciences since 2008 and in Law since 2015, is the chief of staff of the Assistant Secretary of State for Administrative Modernization, Luís Goes Pinheiro. But the connection of Serrasqueiro in the Government is not with Goes Pinheiro but with someone who shares the same nickname: Fernando Serrasqueiro, father and former deputy of the PS and Secretary of State. But the connection to the Government continues. Mafalda Serrasqueiro is married to the deputy of the Assembly, Pedro Delgado Alves.

Rosa Zorrinho is married to MEP Carlos Zorrinho, but went up to the Government to manage the portfolio of the Secretary of State for Health in December 2017. She currently holds the position of chairman of the board of the University Hospital Center of Lisbon Central.

Diogo Lacerda Machado known for being the "best friend" of António Costa. He took over the Secretary of State for Justice, but his most famous role was as a consultant in both TAP and BES cases. In 2015, Francisco Lacerda Machado, the son of António Costa's friend, was appointed to a specialist in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2017, it was the turn of Lacerda Machado's youngest son. José Maria was hired to a state business enterprise in the area of ​​Defense.

Patrícia Melo e Castro was in the Ministry of Justice between 1999 and 2002, with António Costa. When the Socialist was in the chair of the CML, he was an advisor to his office. Now that Costa is prime minister, Melo e Castro has followed him and remains an adjunct to his cabinet.

Melo e Castro is married to the Secretary of State for Fiscal Affairs, António Mendonça Mendes, and her sister-in-law is Ana Catarina Mendes, number two of the PS. The connection continues with Paulo Pedroso, with whom the secretary general of the party was married. In 2018, Pedroso left the Ministry of Finance for the position of alternate executive director of the World Bank.

Although they no longer belong to the executive, the name Escária remains in the register of family members who belonged to the Socialist Government. Vítor Escária was an adviser to António Costa but was involved in the 'Galpgate' case, from which he was exonerated. Susana Escária, his wife, was an assistant to the Secretary of State for Internationalization, who was also exonerated from the 'Galpgate' in late 2017.

Also the former Secretary of State for Energy, Jorge Seguro Sanches, is a cousin of António José Seguro, a former governor and former leader of the Socialists.

Highlight the existence of an ex-couple. Anna Elisabet Bergström was married to Sérgio Sousa Pinto, a name known in the socialist universe. Bergström was an international adviser to António Costa in Lisbon, and when he moved to the Government, Sousa Pinto's ex-wife was appointed deputy to the Foreign Ministry's office. In 2017, he saw his name being indicated, by António Costa himself, to the Mission Portugal In.

Web of relations in Government Costa and Parliament brings together 27 people and 12 families in power

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