'Familygate' provokes third resignation in Costa government – Jornal Econômico

'Familygate' provokes third resignation in Costa government - Jornal Econômico

The husband of the Secretary of State for Culture Ângela Ferreira resigned. This is the government's third resignation from family ties. The news is being advanced by the Observer this Friday, April 12. João Ruivo thus left his position in the Secretariat of State for Regional Development.

This is the third resignation in Costa's government after Secretary of State for Environment Carlos Martins resigned for appointing his cousin, who also resigned, to his office.

João Ruivo, as reported by the Observer, had been appointed on March 28 and the exoneration takes place 14 days after the entry. An order was published in Diário da República on Friday to indicate the increase of the same to the office of Regional Development, and was also published this Friday the exoneration, which happened on April 10.

The same newspaper reveals that João Ruivo asked to be dismissed from the functions he held in the Government in order not to prejudice the work of the woman. The dismissal order says that he "exonerated, at his request."

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