Farense demands respect in face of the "unfounded" complaint filed by Marítimo

Farense demands respect in face of the "unfounded" complaint filed by Marítimo

Farense today demanded “total respect” and regretted the process initiated by the Marítimo before the Arbitral Tribunal for Sport (TAD) to annul the decisions of the Liga Portugal concerning the II football league.

“This moment that should be consecrated by cooperation, altruism and unity, is experiencing episodes of unavoidable segregationism and evident misanthropy. Not recognizing a valid argument that justifies the aforementioned action, it remains for us to warn of the dangers that mixed interests can incite ”, argued the emblem of Faro, in a statement.

Marítimo filed a complaint against the decision to permanently suspend the II League, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and to promote National and Farense to the I League, taken by the League on May 5.

The club led by João Rodrigues ensures that it will fight “to the last consequences for the rights” of the institution, since the annulment of the rise to the I Liga would have “a catastrophic financial impact”.

“Sporting Clube Farense has been, for two weeks now, continuing the necessary works at the São Luís Stadium in order to scrupulously comply with all the requirements of the I League. Sporting Clube Farense has been signing contracts for the I Liga for two weeks. Sporting Clube Farense has been working for two weeks in accordance with the expectations communicated to us by the competent bodies of Portuguese football ”, points out the Algarve club

Farense assumes that it will respect “once again the common sense, thoughtfulness and seriousness that these matters demand”, but asks for “total respect”.

"The time and the normal functioning of the justice system will make it possible to hold the prosecutors and authors of this impugnation action liable, as well as the compensation of the losses suffered by all the injured parties", concludes the emblem recently promoted to the I Liga.


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