Farense receives Liga Portugal's Social Responsibility award in November

Farense receives Liga Portugal's Social Responsibility award in November

Farense received the Social Responsibility award from Fundação do Futebol – Liga Portugal, for the month of November, for the campaign «Be Conscious! Protect, protecting you! ».

It is an awareness raising initiative carried out with the youth and school community, advising them on responsible behavior in times of pandemic.

Together with the Faro City Council, Farense was the great driver of the initiative whose face was player Ryan Gauld.

The campaign, spread throughout the city – billboards, posters and banners in all schools – makes President João Rodrigues proud, aware of the strong impact of the Algarve emblem on the local community.

“Farense is a club with thousands of fans and practitioners. Our entire project only makes sense in this logic of social insertion. It is for everyone that we work and fight our struggles. The club is increasingly becoming a symbol of the whole Algarve region and the south of Portugal ”, he stressed.

In addition, the leader stressed that the “social aspect” is one of the most important aspects of the work on the emblem, “where young people are a high priority”.

"We are certain that we are building the future, we are building our academy and this award goes there – to the future academy, to the new gym, to the new pavilion and to our youth", exulted the leader.

Luís Estrela, coordinator of the Fundação do Futebol, gave the prize to the Algarve emblem – the second monthly Social Responsibility prize produced in recycled plastic – justifying the choice of the winning campaign.

“This action aims to keep present, and reinforce, all the care still needed for protection. It results from the club's enormous involvement with the city, with universities and schools, resulting from an action with a strong impact on the community. The Sports Societies are to be congratulated for the much they do in terms of Social Responsibility, both in supporting young people, the elderly and helping with food urgency. Our mission is to recognize and reward, from north to south, islands, and also in the interior of the country, the many and valid initiatives of Professional Football ”, he said.


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