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The Faro City Council today requested the reinforcement of policing for the bathing areas and rural spaces of the municipality, in a letter sent to the Minister of Internal Affairs, Eduardo Cabrita.

"Despite the high demand of holidaymakers, we still have no record of an appropriate presence of the authority in our bathing areas," says the executive, in a note sent to the media.

According to the municipality, "the most serious case" is what happens in Faro beach, where "not even the task of controlling traffic flows is being done".

The situation has maximized traffic constraints, especially during the busiest hours, causing long lines to enter and leave Faro Island.

Due to the seriousness of the problem and following the constant calls already made by this municipality, either with the GNR Command or with its own guardianship, the executive led by Rogério Bacalhau decided to send a letter to the government.

In the letter, the mayor recalled that he had already warned about the lack of GNR agents and police officers in the county patrolling the presentation of the program «Algarve Seguro».

“The complaints we receive from the population are numerous and almost all justified. There is no memory of such a bleak situation. You do not see an agent in access to the bathing area, nor in the hours of greatest demand; There is no capacity to order traffic flows or enforce order and peace whenever it is threatened, ”says Rogério Bacalhau.

The Faroese mayor asks for dialogue with the local authorities and living forces of the region, so that the Algarve can feel “heard in the formation of security devices” planned for the Algarve. “Which, once again, did not happen at any time in the preparation of the plan for this summer,” he says.

The mayor of Faro points to Eduardo Cabrita because of the issue of the construction of the new headquarters of the district command in Loulé.

“The GNR, whose relocation from the District Command to another county mr. Minister decided to sponsor and pledge, a political decision for which you will be solely responsible, currently has no capacity to respond in all areas under his jurisdiction ”, says Rogério Bacalhau.

The mayor calls for “urgent action” to be taken to strengthen security “not only on the beaches, but also in peripheral areas” of the municipality, particularly among the elderly and rural populations.



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