Faro City Council awarded 16 scholarships to students in the municipality

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The Faro City Council decided, at its meeting on 16 December, to approve the allocation of 16 scholarships to candidates admitted to the competition for the academic year 2020/2021.

With this scholarship, the municipality thus attributes to secondary and higher education students who “lack their own means to continue their studies”, a financial support granted in monthly installments in a total of ten monthly fees, corresponding to 2/5 of the minimum wage national (254 euros).

In accordance with the basic assessment criteria – lower per capita household income, greater number of student siblings and better school performance -, scholarships were awarded, in secondary education, to two 10th grade students, four 11th grade students. Year and two 12th year students.

In higher education, two first year students, two second year students, three third year students and a second year master's student will receive scholarships.

Remember, local authority scholarships are intended for students attending secondary or higher education and who must cumulatively meet the following requirements: have lived in the municipality of Faro for more than five years; have academic achievement in the year immediately preceding that to which the present application for the scholarship, which cannot be lower than level 4 for students in the 9th grade and an average of 13 values ​​for students in secondary education and higher education; belong to a household that does not have a monthly income per capita higher than the national minimum wage in force at the beginning of the calendar year to which the application relates; do not benefit from any scholarship or equivalent grant, granted by any institution for the same academic year.

There are no more than 16 scholarships for Portuguese students residing in the municipality of Faro, and a maximum of two for students coming from Portuguese speaking countries or cities, twinned with the city of Faro.


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