Faro City Council hires 28 new school workers

Faro City Council hires 28 new school workers

Operational assistants will be integrated into school groups from March 15

The municipality of Faro approved yesterday, in a chamber meeting, the recruitment of 28 operational assistants in the area of ​​educational action, which will be placed this month in the various clusters.

"The reinforcement of non-teaching staff, under an employment contract for an indefinite period, aims to fill deficiencies in school groups and improve the service provided to the entire educational community", explains the Faro municipality, in a statement.

As of March 15, four more workers will join the D. Afonso III School Group, three more in the Montenegro School Group, another 10 in the João de Deus School Group, six more in the Pinheiro School Group and Rosa and five others at the Tomás Cabreira School Group.

Municipality increases to 329 number of school employees

The municipality thus increases to 329 the number of employees placed in the five groupings in the municipality, in compliance with the ratio determined by the Ministry of Education by school group.

In order to reinforce the hiring of new workers for schools in the municipality, the internal recruitment reserve already constituted was used, following the competition published in Diário da República, in June 2020.

"This is another investment we make in improving the teaching conditions in our schools, where these assistants will perform extremely important functions for their good functioning", stressed the Mayor of Faro, Rogério Bacalhau, who since 2009 has held the position. of Education.


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