Faro guarantees more IT resources for distance learning

Faro guarantees more IT resources for distance learning

The municipal council of Faro approved, at its council meeting on Monday, a reinforcement of 100 thousand euros for school groups, in order to ensure the purchase of more computer equipment for distance learning.

Additions to the protocols for the delegation of powers and transfer of means signed on January 19, 2021 with the João de Deus, Pinheiro and Rosa, Tomás Cabreira, D. Afonso III and Montenegro schools were approved.

These agreements already included the transfer of more than 1 million euros, an amount now reinforced, in an extraordinary way, "with 20 thousand euros to each of the five school groups, in a total amount of 100 thousand euros", informed the municipality, in communicated.

The funds will be invested in the acquisition of computer equipment in the scope of support to the process of teaching and distance learning, to be distributed to students from needy families in the municipality.

The municipality of Faro intends to “continue to contribute to the improvement of the educational reality in the municipality, at the same time as it reinforces the autonomy of the managements of the clusters, putting into practice an integrated strategy of local management of the school park to meet the needs of each school establishment. teaching".

It is recalled, in order to face the effects of the pandemic, and within the scope of the protocols of delegation of powers and transfer of means celebrated in 2020, the municipality decided, last June, to approve, in the same way, the allocation of an extraordinary financial contribution to the same groupings, in an identical amount of 100 thousand euros, to support distance learning.


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