Faro library promotes online meeting with Daniel Blaufuks

Faro library promotes online meeting with Daniel Blaufuks

The António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library, in Faro, is continuing its work of promoting books and reading through the readjustment of its programming, which in February starts with a meeting with Daniel Blaufuks.

In view of the current health situation, the space uses online and publications on facebook pages, continuing to offer its public (children, youth and adults) a diverse set of services and activities.

The February program has as its first highlight, on Thursday, 4, at 7 pm, a meeting with the writer Daniel Blaufuks, moderated by Ana Isabel Soares.

The writer will communicate with all readers via Zoom. Registrations must be made to the e-mail [email protected] until the 2nd of February. The link to watch will be sent the next day, Wednesday, to all subscribers.

From 8 to 12 February, the «Semana dos Caçadores d’Arte II» will take place, always at 18:00, with various activities available on the facebook page of the António Ramos Rosa Municipal Library.

The “week” begins on the 8th with the “Hora do Conto On Line”, in which, based on the story “O Ponto”, by Peter H. Reynolds, Leonor Rocha will launch the challenge of creating characters and writing an inspired micro-account in traditional tales; continues on the 9th, with the story «The Bird of the Soul», by Michal Snunit, through which techniques of body expression are explored, in a session directed by Fernando Cabral; on the 10th, there is a virtual visit to the exhibition «Caçadores d’Arte II», an exhibition of works carried out by schools and local institutions, within the scope of this project; on the 11th, in yet another “Hora do Conto online”, the story “Ana Mondeo das Cores”, by Ana Llenas, is told, exploring some theatrical techniques with Inês Gonçalves; finally, on the 12th, there is emphasis on bibliotherapy and chromotherapy, based on the story «O Vazio», by Isabel Llenas, in which the therapist Vanda Santa Rita promotes the discovery of emotions using these techniques.

“The current pandemic situation requires us to readapt not only our ways of working, but also all the programming content, using digital media, in order to continue our affirmation as a cultural equipment, in constant reinvention, active and indispensable in the dissemination and promotion of books and reading ”, emphasizes the Faro library.


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