Faro PSP has a trafficker who has been on the run for two years – Diario diariOnline Região Sul

Faro PSP has a trafficker who has been on the run for two years - Diario diariOnline Região Sul

A man of Portuguese nationality, 26, who has been on the run from justice since 2016, was detained Monday for drug trafficking by elements of Faro's PSP.

The individual had an arrest warrant, nationally circulated by all security forces and services, to serve an effective sentence of seven years in prison for crimes of robbery, aggravated robbery, possession of a prohibited weapon and trafficking in narcotic drugs.

This warrant was issued in 2016, in a further decision in the process of drug trafficking investigated by the PSP of Faro, which determined a further five and a half years of effective imprisonment.

According to the police force, since that date the defendant was in an unknown whereabouts, completely changing his habitual residence and daily routines.

Recently, in the constant search for news about this man, elements of the Criminal Investigation Squadron of the PSP of Faro detected their whereabouts and realized that it continued to develop the same illegal activity, selling drugs to citizens from other parts of the country. Algarve region.

In close collaboration with the DIAP of Faro, search, seizure and arrest warrants were requested, resulting in a police operation involving the Criminal Investigation structure with the support of Reaction and Immediate Prevention teams.

PSP also seized various illegal material, namely about 2500 euros in notes, 9,366 kg of hashish, 152.87 grams of grass; 54 individual doses of cocaine; two laptops; two plasma TV; a catana; various mobile phones; a precision scale and other objects related to drug trafficking.

The detainee was immediately transported to the Faro Regional Prison.

"With more this police operation, the District Command of Faro demonstrates to continue to hinder the criminal activity of this nature, reinforcing the public tranquility of the resident community and frequenting this city. We reiterate that we will keep special attention to this and other criminal phenomena, "says the PSP.



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