Faro Town Council grants 3 thousand euros to ACTA

Faro Town Council grants 3 thousand euros to ACTA

The municipality of Faro unanimously approved, in a chamber meeting last April 5th, a cooperation agreement that includes a financial support in the amount of 3 thousand euros to ACTA – The Companhia de Teatro do Algarve.

This support from the local authority “aims to pursue the theater and cultural development program for education” of ACTA, an entity that has been working towards promoting citizenship through theatrical action and that, since 2012, has been a resident company in the historic Teatro Lethes.

With this cooperation agreement, ACTA is responsible for carrying out proposed activities in the area of ​​theater for the school communities in the municipality of Faro in presentation spaces provided by the municipality.

Founded in Faro in 1995, ACTA's main objective and mission is to stimulate the appetite and taste for theatrical enjoyment among the population residing in the region, with a strong pedagogical aspect.

“With the granting of this support to an entity with such a relevant weight in the area of ​​culture in the context of the region and in the country, the municipality of Faro thus continues its policy of cultural development, in favor of a diversified, multicultural education that promotes construction active and socially responsible citizenship ”, points out the executive.


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