«Faro. We are all »continues with new dynamics

«Faro. We are all »continues with new dynamics

The “Faro. We are all. ”, Launched in November 2020 to reinforce support for traditional trade, will continue until June 30 with a“ new dynamic ”, announced today the local authority.

“Now, the customer always wins with the offer of discount vouchers through purchases with a value equal to or greater than 50 euros made in the adhering establishments”, points out the municipality of Faro, which after the “remarkable success of the Christmas campaign, which benefited merchants and customers ”- moving more than 2 million euros – and, after the interruption generated by the confinement, reinforced the program to“ continue to support local and traditional commerce ”.

Remember, the project is the result of a partnership with the Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region (ACRAL), the Commercial Development Association of the Historic Area of ​​Faro (Associação Comércio da Baixa), the Association of Hotel and Similar Industrials of the Algarve (AIHSA) and the Cultural and Activist Association of Baixa de Faro (OCAB).

The campaign, which also consists of a circular economy action, which aims to benefit consumers and entrepreneurs (commerce, local services and restaurants), now has a new dynamic: the draws of purchase vouchers are “replaced” by discount vouchers from 15% for use in participating establishments.

For every 50 euros of accumulated value of invoices for purchases made in the participating trade, the consumer will be entitled to a discount voucher in the amount of 7.5 euros to discount in any other participating establishments.

To make up the amount of 50 euros, you can submit more than one invoice but each must have a minimum amount of 5 euros and a maximum amount of 500 euros.

In order to receive his / her voucher (s), the customer must present the invoices with his / her TIN and identification card at the «Faro.Somos todos» store located at 42/44, Rua do Lethes, in Faro, from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00, and Saturdays, from 11:00 to 13:30, until May 31, 2021.

Vouchers can be used for purchases, in the amount equal to or greater than 7.5 euros, in any participating establishment, until June 30th.

A final drawing will also be held, on April 22, with the value resulting from the «vouchers» drawn, within the scope of the previous dynamic, and which were not claimed.

The coupons will continue to be delivered by the merchants (for each purchase worth 10 euros) until April 21st, the deadline for delivery of the coupons at the «Faro.Somos todos» store, for the final draw on April 22nd.

The municipality also decided to keep the home delivery service free of charge for the consumed and service provider until next April 18 (inclusive), since, according to the government's plan, all trade will reopen on 19 Of april.


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