"Fascism never again." Antifascist Front calls for 'clear position' on political parties over neo-Nazi conference – The Economic Journal

The Unifascist Unitarian Front wants the political parties to take a "clear position" on the neo-Nazi conference, scheduled for August 10 in Lisbon, to prevent its holding. The protest organizers oppose what they say is “the normalization of this hate speech” and the neo-Nazi organizations operating in Portugal violate the Constitution.

“In a country that has lived under a dictatorial regime and which has in its Constitution article 46, paragraphs 1 and 4, which explicitly prohibits racist organizations or those who favor fascist ideology or promote violence, it is difficult to realize that this type events could happen, ”stress the protest organizers in an electronic public petition entitled“ Against the August 10 Neonazi conference in Lisbon ”.

In its petition, which already has more than 4,000 subscribers, the Unifascist Unitarian Front calls on political parties to "take a clear stand on this violation of our Constitution, history and memory" and to take steps to prevent the conference from happening. “We intend to ban this conference and any neo-Nazi event in Portuguese territory,” he says.

He adds: “We cannot accept such an event to happen without a reaction from those who are ready to defend our democracy, and the freedom we have gained with it. In Portugal, neonazis are not welcome! Fascism never again! ”

The nationalist conference is being organized by the far-right group 'New Social Order', led by the skinhead Mario Machado, and will be attended by several leaders of European far-right parties and neo-Nazis. Among the guests is Paul Anthony Golding, who heads the Britain First party and was first convicted in a British court for the crime of racial hatred.

The petition signatories also call for the mobilization of citizens, parties, unions, movements and organizations so that, on the same day the neo-Nazis will meet, “the Portuguese people will leave a clear message to the European neo-Nazis”. The concentration, which they called the “national anti-fascist mobilization” is scheduled for Saturday at 1 pm in Lisbon.

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