Fatima's "pastorinho" room inspires dance and multimedia piece – Showbiz

Fatima's "pastorinho" room inspires dance and multimedia piece - Showbiz

On stage, eight dancers, an actor, José Ramalho, who plays Father Formigão, a violinist and three children (the shepherds) portray through the dance "a very cultured man of great intelligence, who is an example to follow", stresses the Artistic Director.

In "Magnificat" much extends "beyond what is carnal" through a set of abstract messages that result from the relationship between bodies.

"The big link to people is with the videos. The dancers revisit the spaces where he [padre Formigão] was born in Tomar, and this gets a very real breadth, but in a contemporary way ", anticipates the dancer.

The connection between the little shepherds and Father Formigão is one of the highlights of the show, underlining the character of someone who went from skeptical to studying the phenomenon to the apostle of Fatima and "fourth shepherd".

With a strong "humanist" character, the new creation conveys a "relaxed but equally profound image of religion", stresses Claudia Martins: "It's for believers and non-believers, much less for art, dance and aesthetics." .

"Magnificat – Father Formigão, The Apostle of Fatima" will premiere on August 15 at 15:30 in the Grand Auditorium of the Paul VI Pastoral Center in the Shrine of Fatima.

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