Fectrans to call for inspections to prevent contributory leaks – The Economic Journal

José Manuel Oliveira, coordinator of Fectrans, told Lusa agency today that the goal is to get the Working Conditions Authority (ACT) and the Social Security (SS) and Tax Authority (TA) inspections to work towards comply with the collective agreement of the freight sector.

“We have been requesting these meetings for some time now, which will take place this week, because we want to request the intervention of ACT and the inspections of SS and AT, in order to ensure compliance with the collective agreement, otherwise workers are harmed. and the state is robbed, in tax and contributory terms, ”said José Oliveira.

Fectrans meets Tuesday with the Tax Authority to warn it of tax evasion by freight companies, which do not declare all their drivers' income.

On Friday the CGTP-affiliated trade union federation meets with Labor Minister Vieira da Silva, to whom he will make the same complaint, but concerning social security contributions.

Alongside the strike by drivers of hazardous materials, several complaints have been made against companies in the sector that allegedly do not declare all their workers' incomes, thereby hurting them in contributory terms.

Heavy-duty drivers have long complained about this situation, which penalizes them when they are on sick leave, unemployment or retirement.

The Attorney General's Office has confirmed that an investigation is underway to ascertain the reported cases, an investigation that is in secret.

The collective agreement signed last year between Fectran and the current Antram Transport Association regulates most driver pecuniary matters and other working conditions.

However, on 14 August, Fectrans and Antram established a memorandum of understanding guaranteeing a minimum increase of 122 euros from January 2020.

Fectrans and Antram are continuing negotiations to revise the collective agreement on September 9.

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