Feirense presents unpublished book of the club's 100-year history

Feirense presents unpublished book of the club's 100-year history

The Feirense presents on Friday an unpublished book of the club's 100 years of history, in a ceremony that will take place at the centennial monument in Santa Maria da Feira.

"The first 100 years of the Sports Club Feirense", is a work that tells the life of the club and all the modalities, from its genesis to the present, with testimonies of emblematic figures and a photographic record of all the decades.

The president of Feirense, Rodrigo Nunes, considers that "the work was executed with great passion, by an illustrious team of four elements that collaborated with the Sports Club Feirense".

The book unveils unpublished stories of backstage, decisive games and many peripécias, inside and outside the lawns, being an important document for "all who want to know the history of Feirense in detail."

"It is a book from Feirense, for the Feirense, which tells the great history of our club, recording moments unique to all generations to come. It is a work of about 400 pages that prides us and that transmits in perfection all the experiences of people who helped the aggrandizement of the Feirense, "he says.

The book, authored and edited by Clube Desportivo Feirense, counts on the editorial coordination of Vítor Hugo Carmo, the information research of Luís Higino, Roberto Carlos Reis and Joaquim Fonseca, and the graphic composition of António Pedro, and is presented on Friday at 19:00, at the "100 Years of History" Monument in Santa Maria da Feira.

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