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Fenprof declined today that teachers have been betrayed by left-wing parties, which have announced they will not respond to the union's call to make the right-of-service proposals viable, but admits "frustration."

"Betrayal to teachers makes the PS that is the only one so far that says it will not regain anything. […] I would not want to talk about treason, because the only ones who have commitments to the teachers are the unions. Now that frustrate expectations, right and left, except the PS that no longer frustrates expectations of anyone, frustrate, "said the secretary general of the National Federation of Teachers (Fenprof), Mário Nogueira.

The Fenprof leader was present today at the premises of the Directorate General of School Institutions (DGEstE), where a union initiative was held to request the negotiation of the pre-retirement conditions of the older teachers and at the margin of which he commented the question of the teachers' time of service count and the changes of position that in the final global vote in plenary next Friday in the Assembly of the Republic (AR) can reverse the parliamentary agreement reached in the specialty last Thursday for a full count of the most of nine years of frozen service time.

"If both sides affirm that it is fair and that the recovery of time of service must take place, it was natural that reaffirming their positions, which are distinct, at the final moment could prevail what is more important, that was to let the nine years, four months and two years of service time were in law, "said Mário Nogueira.

The Secretary-General of Fenprof maintains the hope that it will be possible to arrive at an understanding that does not compromise this objective of the trade union struggle, although he recognizes that "it is not the hypothesis that is on the table", even after the open letter sent to the parties to call for an effort to ensure "the essentials for teachers", who would be sure to see all the time accounted for for progression.

Regarding the position of the PCP, which refuses to allow the demands of the right, and that is why it will make it impossible to approve the text of the parliamentary assessment, Mário Nogueira also denied the news advanced today by the newspaper 'Público', which added that the leader of Fenprof would be considering its exit from the PCP, party of which it is militant.

"That's not news. […] It's not true, "he said.

To the frustration of the announced changes of position Mário Nogueira added the disappointment that, for the time being, it has above all a political color.

"The one who deceived me most was the PS. For the rest, I who watched live and on-site what happened on Thursday in the education commission, I would say that they will all deceive me if they are not able to repeat next Friday a convergence that can solve this problem " , said.

The accounts released today by the RA Technical Support Unit (UTAO), which halve the net impact of the costs of recovering frozen service time on all special careers in public administration – from € 800 million gross to € 398 million of net euros, if they do not serve as an argument for the parties to review the already announced intentions to vote in the final text of the parliamentary evaluation of the diploma of the time of service of the teachers, at least to give reason to the unions, according to Mário Nogueira.

"What we have been saying, that is lying to the Portuguese, to send a false message to 'fix' the teachers in a claim that is just, in fact, today we are not saying," said the leader of Fenprof.

For now the unions are waiting for the outcome of the final vote in parliament to decide on the next steps, which are going to be the continuation of the teachers' struggle and probably for strikes, namely the 3rd period evaluations, but the protest calendar will be decided in a meeting between the 10 structures that have claimed on platform the full count of the service time.

If the parliament hits the final text, Mário Nogueira leaves another guarantee.

"The next government will take office one day and the next day the union leaders will be at the door of the ministry to tell the minister that we want to start the process to recover the remaining 6.5 years," he said.

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