Fernando Santos celebrates his fourth birthday in Portugal with victory # 36

Fernando Santos celebrates his fourth birthday in Portugal with victory # 36

Coach Fernando Santos celebrated the fourth anniversary of the Portuguese football team's 36th victory in 58 games in Poland (3-2) on 11 October 2014.

Coach Benfica, FC Porto and Sporting lost in France (1-2), but their route has been marked mainly by triumphs, including the biggest in the history of the formation of the 'quinas' in the final of the 2016 European Championship.

In two games of the six dozen, Fernando Santos has 62.1% of wins, adding 36, plus 12 draws and 10 losses, with 111 goals scored and 44 conceded.

The records of the 'penta engineer', the nickname he earned when he led FC Porto to an unprecedented fifth consecutive title in 1998/99, are even more significant when the analysis is restricted to official matches.

In 35 'serious' games, Fernando Santos won 25, rising to 71.4, drawing eight and, most impressive, only losing two (71-24 in goals).

At the head of the team, the Portuguese coach only fell to Switzerland 2-0 in the first meeting after Euro2016 on 6 September 2016, in qualifying for the World Cup in 2018 and with Uruguay in 2- 1, in the 'eighth' of the Russian race, on June 30.

Regarding the away games, Fernando Santos also boasts very positive numbers, with 10 wins – one more draw and four losses – in 15 games and a positive balance of 14 goals (25-11).

In four years in the Portuguese team, the coach who turned 64 on Wednesday summoned 76 players and used 66, having made a total of 35.

Goalkeeper Rui Patrício scored the most, a total of 4,110 minutes, while Ricardo Quaresma scored 45 games, 44 against Wolverhampton goalkeeper and 43 for William Carvalho.

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