Festival of masts «graces» São Teotónio until the end of the month – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Festival of masts «graces» São Teotónio until the end of the month - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

São Teotónio, in the municipality of Odemira, receives the 19th edition of the Festival of Masts until June 30, with thousands of paper flowers prepared by the population to decorate since yesterday the streets and wide of the village.

Masts, dances, lots of music, popular marches and shows are on the agenda of the event, with guaranteed animation and constant celebration.

The population and associations of the parish of São Teotónio have prepared, for several months, the paper decorations that will be placed in the main streets and wide streets of the village, always with the objective of creating visual effects that surpass previous years.

This year, seven masts will be prepared: Mastro do Coração da Vila (June 13th), Mastro da Rua José Estêvão and Largo da Palmeira (14th), Mastro do Lar (19th), Mastro da Creche Mast of Rua Alexandre Herculano (22nd), Mastro of 25th of April Street (28th) and Mast of Quintalão (29th).

The solemn opening took place yesterday, Wednesday, 12, with the presentation of the documentary «From the Earth to the Sky», produced by the PédeXumbo Association, with the performance of Grenha and Rui Cacilhas and that portrays the tradition of the Masts in the county of Odemira.

The poster presents a varied program, with shows by the group Atar and Por ao Fueiro (day 15), Trio of Guitars (day 20), Vint 'Veri (day 23) and fado with the artist Joana Rita (day 23).

To remember other times, on June 23rd, at 11:30 pm, there will be the traditional jumping of the bonfire and going to the fountain.

On 13 and 21 June, traditional dance workshops will be promoted by the PédeXumbo Association.

On March 29, there will be a parade of the marches of the municipality of Odemira, in the scope of the Festival of Marches, and that will count on the participation of the march Poeta Pardal de Quarteira.

The Festival of masts is promoted by São Teotónio Nã Dorme – Association of Local Traditions and parish council of São Teotónio, with the support of the municipality of Odemira and the company Música no Coração and the partnership of associations and local entities.



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