Festival on Earth animates Fuseta between Thursday and Sunday – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Festival on Earth animates Fuseta between Thursday and Sunday - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The village of Fuseta, in Olhão, welcomes, between Thursday and Sunday, from 13 to 16, the Festival Pé na Terra, organized by the Association Danças na Terra, which in its 8th edition will be the theme of the planet Venus , symbol of love and femininity.

In order to "honor, enhance and value artistic work and expression in the feminine," the participants will be invited to reflect on the theme and to appreciate the various works of great women.

"Understanding as a stimulus to the experimentation of creative languages ​​and processes in the fields of music and dance, the exchange between artists and society of diverse countries fosters production, enjoyment and cultural exchange, while at the same time broadening the perception of the public about the diversity between cultures, "says the organization.

The Festival Pé na Terra aims to promote visibility of the cultural content of the Portuguese-speaking countries, creating an exchange between participants from different countries, local population, groups and artists from Portugal, Africa and Brazil, in a unique interaction involving the public, quite diverse and from many countries, such as Greece, Norway, Russia, England, France, Spain, Belgium, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, among others.

In this edition, in addition to the main stage placed in the riverside area, a tent will be installed on Tesos beach – the "Tenda Lua Branca" – and there will be some news, with Circus Vagabunt, a space dedicated to the circus arts, Circus Space, with several workshops for all ages, "promising to get everyone up and down, literally," with trapeze and slack-line workshops for adults.

The construction of a giant Human Pyramid with all the participants and artists of this edition will be one of the highlights of the festival, which, as in previous years, will feature Afro-Brazilian dancers, maracatu, capoeira, tambourine and the novelty frevo, with the singer, composer and dancer Flaira Ferro, who from Recife brings this vigorous and traditional dance of the Pernambuco carnival. On Saturday, at the end of the afternoon (19:30), there will be the traditional and colorful maracatu procession through the streets of Fuseta.

For the main stage, Roberta Espinosa, who joins jazz, ciranda, funk and ijexá in the same samba, will perform on Thursday and will promote her latest work "Tá Fazendo Falta!" And the Negras Aurora Collective, composed of five artists with the purpose of presenting compositions and highlighting the presence and work of black women in society.

On Friday, 14, will be on stage the project The Fado Virasse Samba, which joins points of convergence between fado and samba, by the voice of the Portuguese Teresinha Landeiro and the Brazilian Camila Masiso and with the special participation of Madalena Gomes. Nazaré Pereira will also go through the main stage to sing the sounds of the north and northeast regions of Brazil, marked by the strength of the carimbó, allied to other rhythms such as maracatu, xaxado and baião.

On Saturday, the forró of Tati Veras, which she expresses for more than 20 years as leader of the consecrated band Raiz Do Sana, comes this year to Pé on Earth show her work solo "Tati a Veras", and the party continues later with the project Samba Que Ela Querem, a group that was born from a desire to play the female role in the samba scene in Rio.


On the last day, Sunday, 16, Sopa de Pedra will be served, a group of musical investigation composed only by women who create and interpret to the chapel, original arrangements of Portuguese popular music, followed by Mart'nália, who with her voice torn and soft sings Vinícius de Moraes, supported by the arrangements of Celso Fonseca in partnership with the late Arthur Maia. The festival closes with the forró of the Nosso Som group, founded in 2018.

In the "Tenda Lua Branca", on the beach of Tesos, the party lasts until dawn.

The Festival Pé na Terra has the support of the Parish Union of Moncarapacho and Fuseta, which, in launching the challenge in 2014 to the organization for the relocation of the Dr. João Lúcio School to the riverside zone, "made an important contribution to its affirmation and growth in the cultural panorama of the Algarve and created a relationship with the resident population in the parish ", which has free admission.



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