Festival Sol da Caparica returns from August 15 to 18 with new promoter – Showbiz

Festival Sol da Caparica returns from August 15 to 18 with new promoter - Showbiz

Public procurement for the 6th edition of the O Sol da Caparica festival, which ended today with that company belonging to Grupo Chiado, in the amount of 70,000 euros, allows "a significant saving of public funds, which will be channeled into investment in other strategic areas , social, cultural and tourist, "said a communique of the autarchy chaired by the socialist Inês de Medeiros.

"The principles associated with the realization of this 6th edition of O Sol da Caparica remain unchanged – the promotion of Costa da Caparica as well as the music of Portuguese-speaking countries," reads a communique from that municipality.

The Municipality of Almada also says that it is "with great joy" that announces the 6th edition of the festival, whose poster "corresponds" to the goal of the municipality.

"To receive in Almada one of the largest musical events in the country, which focuses on promoting the Portuguese language, accompanies our artists, young people and consecrated persons, strengthens ties with the whole community of Portuguese speaking countries and reaffirms Almada and Costa da Caparica as land of culture, dynamic and innovative, land of well-being and good people "is, for Inês de Medeiros, the objective of the contest.

The 6th edition of O Sol da Caparica will be held in partnership with Storm Productions, and the official poster will be announced shortly, the statement added.

On 14 October, the municipality of Almada revealed that it had a cumulative loss of close to five million euros with five editions of the festival O Sol da Caparica, which led to the search for a new promoter.

Speaking to the Lusa news agency, a municipality source said that in the edition held in 2018, the chamber invested 1.7 million euros and that the revenue was 765 thousand euros, which represented a loss of about 962 thousand euros.

"Considering that, since 2014, there have been five editions, we are talking about an accumulated loss of close to five million euros," explained the same source.

The total loss will, however, be higher than that amount, since it does not include the costs related to the concessions of the space for the event, public spaces for the promotion of the festival, offices throughout the year to the organizing company, use of computer and office equipment, water and electricity consumption, and the use of local authority staff for assembly, preparation and cleaning of the space, he stressed.

In this way, the "huge loss" with the festival was decisive for the autarchy to "stop assuming full costs".

Days before, the council had advanced to Lusa that Sol da Caparica would return this year, but that it was looking for a new promoter.

The organization of the festival was in charge of AMG Music, but the contract with the company ended this year and, taking into account the results obtained, the Chamber of Almada "could only re-hire a producer by public procedure," he said at the same time .

Nevertheless, the municipality emphasized that the former organizing company "was consulted in the scope of the public hiring procedure".

In a note sent to Lusa, AMG Music clarified that it was invited by the local authority to a consultation prior to the public procurement procedure, but chose not to submit any proposal.

"AMG Music does not submit a proposal for these specifications. It is our conviction that the proposed model and offered conditions of exploitation of the Festival the Sun of Caparica does not allow to achieve, with quality and effectiveness, the example of previous years, the positive results of this Festival created by us for the Municipality of Almada " the company's response to the local authority.

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