FIFA wants 48 selections already in World 2022

FIFA wants 48 selections already in World 2022

The FIFA Executive Committee has recommended the participation of 48 teams in the World Cup2022 in Qatar, instead of 32 as it has been a norm, sending a final decision to the organization's congress scheduled for June in Paris.

It was FIFA President Gianni Infantino himself who said today in Miami that he wants to anticipate the change in the current format, which was scheduled for the World Cup in 2006, and that one of the neighboring countries of Qatar will receive some games from the FIFA World Cup.

According to Infantino, FIFA will work on a joint proposal with Qatar to enable that possibility and present it at the organization's congress scheduled for Paris next June.

The increase in the number of selections was already planned for the World Cup, which will be organized by three countries, the United States, Canada and Mexico.

A feasibility study of this proposal by FIFA states that Qatar will not be forced to share FIFA2020 games with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates unless those countries restore diplomatic ties with the organizing country .

In the same report, FIFA indicates as possible options to host matches of the FIFA World Cup2020, Kuwait and Oman, taking into account its neutral position, although it only makes a superficial assessment of the infrastructures and the stadiums in those two countries to receive some of the games of the competition.

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