FIM President expects new race in Portimão in April 2021

FIM President expects new race in Portimão in April 2021

The president of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) admitted to Lusa that, despite being on the 2021 calendar only as a reserve race, there is the possibility that the Portuguese Grand Prix will be held even in April.

"Portimão has a pre-agreement to be proof of reservation until 2022. From that year, there is a pre-agreement [com a Dorna, empresa promotora do campeonato] to enter the calendar. In 2020 it has already entered as proof of reservation. In 2021, if the restrictions are repeated due to the pandemic, Portimão will normally enter the calendar ", believes the Portuguese Jorge Viegas.

The interview with the Algarvian Jorge Viegas was reproduced by the newspaper Record, which reads that at this moment, the Czech Republic Grand Prix is ​​still pending the new paving of the Brno circuit and, if the work does not progress until August, "it must be Russia to enter the calendar ", he explains.

However, Jorge Viegas warns that Portugal may be called on the calendar if trips to North America are conditioned by the pandemic in April 2021.

"It's easier [Portugal entrar no calendário] in April, as long as the Argentine or United States event fails, if at that time, there are still travel restrictions to the American continent ", explained Jorge Viegas.

The top manager of world motorcycling also guaranteed that everything was done "so that Portugal will have a Grand Prix on a regular basis", despite being "living different times", reports Record, quoting Agência Lusa.

On this weekend's race in Portimão, which closes the 2020 season, Jorge Viegas hopes "that it will be a very disputed race, that Miguel [Oliveira, em KTM] have a good classification and that goes well ".

Regarding the absence of an audience on the stands at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve, the FIM president admitted that "public health comes first".

"The absence of an audience, in the event itself, has no impact. The only thing it can have is for the finances of the organizer and for the people who wanted to go to see the event and cannot. Eventually, it will have some impact on the motivation of the Miguel, but public health comes first ", said Jorge Viegas.

About what happened during the Portuguese Grand Prix of Formula 1, he prefers "not to comment".

"I saw the images, like everyone else. The organizer says it was a one-off situation. In any case, the municipality of Portimão became part of the list of the highest risk municipalities. [a proibição de haver público na prova de MotoGP], it would be now, because people could not move ", said the president of FIM.

Jorge Viegas also recalled that during the 13 races of the MotoGP World Championship already disputed, "only two had five thousand people in the stands [Le Mans, em França, e Misano, em Itália]".

The pandemic situation also led to the cancellation of the Champions' Gala, which takes place every year at the site that hosts the last race of the season.

"We are going to deliver the medals of the first three of each class, but in the press room and restricted to pilots only", concluded Jorge Viegas.

The MotoGP Portuguese GP is the 14th and final race of the season. It takes place at the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve between Friday and Sunday. (sic)


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