Finance gave guidance to the tax authorities to "avoid intrusive behavior" – The Economic Journal

The Tax Authority (TA) will launch a national mega-operation to oversee the marriages business in the next three months. The order was given earlier this week from the Finance Directorates of almost the entire country and will be held in extra-work hours with predominance on Saturdays. The Ministry of Finance asserts that it instructed AT to ensure that inspection action "does not disturb the normal functioning of a wedding ceremony" and that "intrusive behavior" should be avoided.

"This is the very clear orientation that was transmitted to the AT," the official Economic Ministry source led by Mário Centeno said on Friday, May 30.

According to the same source, the actions of inspection, revealed in the edition of this Friday by the Economic Journal, have to obey "the principle of proportionality between the means and the defined purposes". One principle, he says, is valid for all actions, and "is proper to a Rule of Law."

"Without calling into question that all business related to the organization of any party – including marriages – should be properly framed in the formal economy, monitoring compliance with tax obligations can not be disproportionate, and should avoid intrusive behaviors ".

For the Executive, "an inspection action that disrupts the normal functioning of a wedding ceremony or party can not be considered proportional to the objective of monitoring compliance with tax obligations."

Tax inspectors will be on the ground from the second weekend of June through September to control businesses and individuals engaged in economic activities related to marriages, many of them traditionally identified with tax evasion situations.

This action is foreseen in an order of inspection actions that started earlier this week from the Finance directorates of practically the whole country, according to the Economic Newspaper in its edition of this Friday.

In the fiscal target are the catering and animation companies, the rental of the event spaces, photographers and florists. Also the millions that spin around the summer festivals are to be controlled. The treasury will inspect ticket sales, contracts and payments to artists in about 100 events.

In one of the inspection orders, to which the JE had access, it is requested the participation of several hundred tax inspectors in the inspection actions that will be carried out in extra work hours with predominance on Saturdays.

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