Firefighters want urgent revision of Corporations Financing Law – The Economic Journal

Firefighters want urgent revision of Corporations Financing Law - The Economic Journal

The Portuguese Firemen's League (LBP) will ask the President of the Republic not to enact the Organic Law of Civil Protection if the Government does not advance with the "urgent" revision of the Firemen Financing Law, was announced today.

The decision was communicated to the journalists by the president of LBP, Jaime Marta Soares, at the end of the 21st Extraordinary Congress of Firefighters, held this Saturday in Aveiro.

"As the President of the Republic is very sensitive to what is the truth of things and the interest of defending the Portuguese, surely he will be attentive to the voice of the Portuguese firemen and will take due note and not promulgate from moment to moment this law, "said Jaime Marta Soares.

In addition to increasing funding for humanitarian associations, firefighters are demanding the negotiation of the financial directive for 2019 and the national operational directive, which establishes the means that make up the Special Rural Fire Fighting Device (DECIR).

According to the president of the LBP, the firefighters also expressed disagreement with the "intermunicipalisation" of the operational structure and did not accept the participation of the elements of the firemen's commands in the District Operations and Relief Commands (CDOS) and the National Commando of Relief Operations ).

Jaime Marta Soares says that these are claims of "an extraordinary fairness" that can be "quickly" resolved by the Government, noting that the executive led by António Costa "has been demonstrating for some time to this part opening to reconcile with firefighters a set of situations ".

"I think the most difficult is already done and the Government will not now create problems with the firefighters of things that can be easily resolved," he said.

The president of the LBP also assured that the Portuguese can continue to count on the firemen in the future.

"Under no circumstances will the Portuguese firefighters, with or without agreement, with promulgation or without promulgation, not fail to be in the uncompromising defense of the Portuguese," he said.

The 21th Extraordinary Congress of the Portuguese Firemen's League (LBP), which took place behind closed doors, had as its sole point the analysis of the situation of the matters under negotiation with the Government, based on the compromise proposals approved in the National Council of Santarém.

Last December, most fire brigades failed to communicate operational information to district relief operations (CDOS) commanders in a 10-day protest.

On December 29, LBP leader Jaime Marta Soares announced the suspension of the protest until the Aveiro congress, since he noticed the Government opening to negotiate.

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