First extraterrestrial child may be born in 2024 – Computers

First extraterrestrial child may be born in 2024 - Computers

A Dutch company intends to do the first birth in Space on a mission that will be held in two different phases. Only in 2022 will he be in search of volunteer "space fathers".

While the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk wants to colonize Mars and billionaire entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson of Virgin, and Jeff Bezos from Amazon, are trying to move forward with the space tourism industry, the SpaceLife Origin wants to perform the birth of the first space baby. And he believes that this will be possible as early as 2024.

To become the first company to make human reproduction possible in space, the Dutch organization says it is building a space embryo incubator that will be sent to Space in 2021, carrying human eggs and sperm.

Once out of the Earth, fertilization will take place until the embryo is formed, and four days later the incubator will return to our planet with the eggs already fertilized to be artificially inseminated.

In a second phase of the process and three years later, pregnant women will be sent to Space so that they can give birth to the first human being … extraterrestrial.

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"During a 24-36 hour mission, a woman will give birth 402 kilometers away from Earth, accompanied by a trained and world-class medical team. A carefully prepared and monitored process will reduce all possible risks, similar to the Western standards on Earth for mother and child, "explained a representative from SpaceLife Origin.

The organization argues that this is the next step in human evolution, necessary if "Humanity wants to become a multiplanetary species."

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