Fiscal Council pronounces this evening on elections to the AAC

Fiscal Council pronounces this evening on elections to the AAC


O Fiscal Council of the Academic Association of Coimbra (CF / AAC) meets tonight to decide whether resource brought by the Disciplinary Council, which asks for the annulment of the electoral act due to the lack of an initial record of votes in an ballot box, is deferred or not.

Contacted by DIÁRIO AS BEIRAS, the CF / AAC president, Jorge Graça, revealed that the CF / AAC will receive, "until 7:00 pm on Tuesday, possible appeals to the decision of the CF / AAC to continue the electoral act, decision which was taken last Friday. " So far, according to the official, there was only one appeal filed, precisely what was presented by the CD.

Decision after 9:30 p.m.
The final decision will be known after 9.30 pm, after "the plenary with the eleven elements that constitute the CF / AAC that may or may not reverse the decision made," said Jorge Graça. This meeting can be attended by members of the competing lists in the electoral act.

If it is decided that there is no reason to annul the electoral act, as requested by the CD, the CF / AAC will proceed, subsequent to its opening of the ballot box and counting of the ballot papers. Jorge Graça also said that "the ballot boxes will be counted and, if there are no discrepancies greater than 02%, between the number of ballots and the total number of voters according to the specific ballot box, then the votes will be counted". If the decision is to defer the appeal of the CD, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board confirmed that it could be considered "the repetition of the whole electoral act".

You can consult the complete news in the printed edition of this Tuesday, December 4, of Diário As Beiras

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