Five clubs interested in hiring Bale, says British press

Five clubs interested in hiring Bale, says British press

The soap opera around the departure of Gareth Bale of Real Madrid seems to have no end. The Welsh international is expected to leave the Spanish club at the end of the season and, according to English media, there are five clubs interested in hiring him.

According to the Daily Mirror, Manchester United are positioned as the main destination for Bale, as the English club will look for solutions to the attack and could use Paul Pogba in the negotiations. From England also appears the interest of Chelsea, which may involve Eden Hazard in the talks, a much sought-after player in Madrid.

Also Bayern Munich may advance to the signing of Gareth Bale. The Bavarian giant will invest strongly in the next summer market and looks for solutions to the departures of the historical Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery.

Finally, the Daily Mail also points to Inter Milan and Tottenham as less likely options. The Italians will be able to advance to the Welsh international if the confirmation of the departure of Mauro Icardi is confirmed. The Spurs are dreaming of the return of a player who shined with the club jersey, but are not willing to make investments millionaires by the player.

The Spanish press advanced on Thursday that Real Madrid would be willing to let Bale out for 130 million euros.

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