Flight canceled or delayed and lost bags? Know your rights – The Economic Journal

Flight canceled or delayed and lost bags? Know your rights - The Economic Journal

My flight was canceled. Now, what should I do?

Passengers are entitled to compensation due to cancellation of marked flights, but this does not apply in all cases. It can only be reimbursed and compensated if it has not been informed 14 days before the flight and has not been presented with an alternative to an hour close to the initial one. In case the cancellation is due to reasons not controlled by the airline (such as natural disasters or bad weather), you can also forget the compensation.

If these situations are not met, you are entitled to a refund of the ticket price and free assistance (meals and accommodation). It is also entitled to compensation, which can vary between € 125 and € 600, depending on the distance of the flight.

In case of flight delays, what should I do?

Delays in flights can lead to damages, but not all passengers are entitled to reimbursement. Only passengers on flights arriving at the destination with a delay of three hours or more are entitled to financial compensation. In this case, the compensation to be received must be equal to that offered in the case of a canceled flight.

But if the delay is equal to or greater than four hours, then the passengers may demand the reimbursement of the ticket and, if necessary, be transported back to the original departure point.

What should I do in case of delay in delivery or loss of luggage?

When luggage arrives late, is damaged or lost, passengers are entitled to compensation that can reach 1,200 euros. But for this, you must declare in advance the expensive articles or of great sentimental value that carries with you and must do it at the latest at the time of registration of the trip. All you have to do is just sign your own form and you will be charged a fee.

If your baggage disappears, you must file a complaint in writing at the airport or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the airline. The complaint must be submitted seven days after the receipt of the baggage in case the luggage has been damaged. In the case of a delay in the delivery of your luggage, the complaint must be made in 21 days.

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