Fluminense and Flamengo take over management of Maracanã stadium

Fluminense and Flamengo take over management of Maracanã stadium

Fluminense and Flamengo will assume for six months the administration of the Maracanã Stadium, where it will be played in the Copa América final in July, the Rio de Janeiro government said on Friday, after canceling the concession to a consortium controlled by Odebrecht.

"After a transparent and ethical process, Maracanã is being returned to football in Rio de Janeiro." The winners of the consortium that will run Maracanã are Flamengo and Fluminense, which will have 180 days to administer the stadium, which can be extended for another 180 days. we must also, in a transparent and ethical process, make a new definitive public-private partnership for 35 years, "Governor Wilson Witzel said on social networks.

The contract to administer the Maracanã Complex provides for the monthly payment of 166,666.67 reais to the State of Rio de Janeiro, which will be transferred to the annexes Célio de Barros and Júlio Delamare.

The two clubs will also bear the fixed costs of Maracanã, around 2 million reais per month.

Fluminense and Flamengo will have the right to explore the Maracanã Tour, passing on 10% of the monthly revenue or a minimum of 64 thousand reais.

A company created by the two clubs will be responsible for the administration of the stadium and the collection to keep Maracanã running.

Botafogo and Vasco, who are out of the new management of the stadium, can play in Maracanã, but by paying a rental of 90 thousand reais, in addition to the operating expenses of the games.

Last month, the Rio government canceled the 35-year concession made in 2013 for the Odebrecht group, the target of Operation Lava Jato. But the contract has been suspended since September.

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