Football / Cape Verde: Barreirense and Figueirense dispute 2nd edition of the champions' cup

Football / Cape Verde: Barreirense and Figueirense dispute 2nd edition of the champions' cup

The Barreirense team, currently the regional champion, will play the second edition of the cup of champions with their opponent Figueirense, champion of the second division football of last season 2017/18, in the municipal stadium of Maio.

Both teams are motivated and determined to get a good result in the game of this round to count for the second edition of the champions' cup, so fans and the general public are looking forward to a good football game, considered a derby on the south side of the island.

According to coach Figueirense team, Alírio Martins, who in statements to Inforpress today made a preview of the match, his team, although being "rookie" in the first division will enter with the same mood that characterizes them, which is " enter the game to win ", while respecting the value of your direct opponent.

"(…) It is a good idea that our team has done an analysis of how our pre-season preparation was, because we have a young and remodeled team compared to last season, but we will enter the field with the same state spirit that characterizes us that is very humble and respect the adversary, "he stressed.

Alírio Martins, however, was convinced that his team will work to not only guarantee the maintenance in the first division, but also to fight to be in the front line, working "week-by-week", in the end take stock.

However, he took the opportunity to ask supporters to have fair play during this Saturday's game.

On the other hand, it expressed its concern due to the lack of space for training in the municipal stadium, taking into account the number of teams that daily look for this sports infrastructure for the preparation work. He said, however, to expect that the situation will improve with the announced construction of a training ground in the village of Barreiro, on the part of the Maianian building.

Barreirense coach Zé Badiu said his team were motivated to win this match after winning last week's Super Cup against the United States.

According to this helmsman, they have the support of the fans, as has been the custom, to jointly win this event and continue with the aim of winning all the tests in which the team is present.

Without promising anything concrete, Zé Badiu stressed, however, the need for a lot of work to do at the end of the season to do the math, considering that they are the current regional champions, he said.

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