Football: LAAC up to 1st division

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The LAAC secured on Sunday the rise to the 1st district division, to six days of the end of the regular phase of the championship. He leads the B series with a 9-point advantage, and is 9 to secure the first place, which will be worth discussing the title of district champion of the 2nd division with the winner of the north zone

For coach Mico, "the league has been very exhausting because it is very long, but LAAC has always been the best team throughout the season, as a result of the great organization of the club and the tireless work of the players."
From now on, and for the remainder of the season, the goal is to "keep the top spot in the South and discuss the title of champion with the will to win."
On Sunday, with Luso, the LAAC knew that guarantee was scored immediately from the rise of division and entered the field determined to win, not giving Luso chances to approach the goal. Yuki opened the scoring at 16m, Rudi increased to 34m and again Yuki made it 3-0 at 45m.
LAAC slowed down in the second half and Luso reacted by scoring 70m after a free-kick by Saramago and 80m by José Silva on a free kick that caught the offside defense. Fair victory for what LAAC did in the first half.
On Thursday, April 25, LAAC came to control the game before a team always very backdated and at 23m Rudi took advantage of an offer of the defense and made it 1-0. Also in a defensive error, and the only time the Pessegueirense got close to the goal, Paulo Cruz was 1-1 at 32m. The LAAC rectified the positions and did not give the slightest chance in the second half by scoring 72m, 81m and 90m by Duarte, Hugo and Roberto respectively.

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