"For a happy return" is the responsible proposal of the Municipality of Lagos for this summer

"For a happy return" is the responsible proposal of the Municipality of Lagos for this summer

With a network of billboards, press, radio and social networks, the municipality assumes “a unique summer, but in such a different destination”

A campaign to promote the destination of Lagos, in the Algarve, which aims to promote a responsible summer among those who live, work, has already started, started today, locally, nationally and internationally – in countries like Spain, the United Kingdom, France or Sweden. and visit what is one of the main Algarve destinations.

Promoted by the Municipality of Lagos, the campaign includes a promotional video, in Portuguese and English, an international social media campaign and various media such as billboards, buses, radio, press, among other media.

“The objective is to minimize the effects that the pandemic has had on the entire economy in general and on tourism in particular. It also aims to demonstrate the concern that the Municipality of Lagos has had since the beginning of the confinement and the tireless and effective work of all local entities involved in the prevention and action in all situations. This is, in fact, a unique summer, but one that is lived in a destination as different as Lagos ” says Hugo Pereira, president of the Lagos municipality.

The campaign starts by highlighting everything that a summer like this cannot provide, be it hugs, kisses, handshakes, music to tear or proximity, however, it highlights the many arguments that, even so, a destination like Lagos has to offer , like the sea, the heritage, the best fish, the regional sweets, nature and lots of smiles. It also calls for exemplary behavior that allows “a happy return”, to Lagos and back home.


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