For Epic Games, Batman Party Continues with Fortnite X Batman Event – Multimedia

For Epic Games, Batman Party Continues with Fortnite X Batman Event - Multimedia

In addition to giving users free video games at Epic Store to celebrate the birthday of the mythical DC Comics figure in style, Epic Games announced on its Twitter a mysterious collaboration between the Dark Knight and Fortnite. As made known to the world on its website, for the creator of the famous battle royal, the superhero's 80th birthday celebration continues the Fortnite X Batman event with a host of new items, skins and even special challenges.

Crossovers are not at all new to Fortnite's universe, and it has become a showcase for the promotion of games, music and even television series. After DJ Marshmello's first in-game live concert, which was attended by about 10 million players, followed by the Weezers, who took advantage of the platform to promote their The Black Album debut. After Marvel and Netflix introduced some characters from the Avengers worlds: Endgame and the third season of Stranger Things, it was Borderlands 3's turn to take part in the battle royal on the eve of the third installment of the saga.

At the event announced on September 21, thanks to the collaboration between Epic Games and DC Comics, a Rift Zone turned Tilted Towers into Gotham City. Here players will not only be able to wear the Dark Knight mask, but also use the Glider Redeploy ability to glide in style.

A crossover between the game and Batman's world would not be complete without some gadgets inspired by the DC superhero collection. During the event will be available the Grapnel Gun, which not only has the power to propel the player through the air, but also gives him a Bat Cap to glide to his destination, as well as the Explosive Batarang, a projectile that, when thrown against the ground becomes a proximity mine.

But that's not all, for what would a superhero be without an appropriate combat fatigue? In the Batman Caped Crusader Pack, players can choose between the fact of the comic book version or the Dark Knight movies, as well as a number of individual themed items. In addition, Catwoman fans also have the chance to wear their iconic feline-inspired leather suit.

If you can save the island from danger and complete the themed challenges available by October 1st, you can win some free surprises from the Welcome to Gotham City bundle, including a Catwing Glider.

The partnership between Fortnite and the mythical DC Comics superhero will be available until October 6th, and the most ardent players can check out all the news regarding the event and fixes introduced in patch 10.31 on the Epic Games website.

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