For those who have to work "It's time to play" in Albufeira

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«You cannot stop and children cannot stop smiling and having a fun summer», stresses the municipality of Albufeira; nor "even in a situation of increased health care".

This is the foundation that supports the “It's time to play” program, which this year replaces the usual “Summer Dreams”. There will be three rooms available, each for 60 children. Registration will take place next Wednesday, the 17th, at the Albufeira Municipal Education Portal. Safety and play are given as a guarantee.

The usual holiday occupation program for children in Albufeira called “Dreams of Summer” has been renamed this year. “It's time to play” is aimed at pre-school students and takes place during the month of August, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm at Ludoteca dos Brejos, at JI da Guia and JI da Correeira.

This program was designed to support families who during the bathing season have no one to leave their children while working. The promise remains, on the part of the municipality of Albufeira, of "maximum security in terms of protecting the health of children and many games".

Interested parties will have to fill in the registration form (Annex IV of the operating rules), sign the authorization term, whether or not to capture and use images (Annex I of the operating rules), attach a citizen card or birth certificate child's or passport; (or SNS user card, if you do not have a citizen card), a declaration from the labor entity, duly authenticated and dated and which must contain the time off and the vacation period of the parents / guardians (the holidays cannot coincide) with the period for which you are applying), proof of residence and family allowance (the step declaration) if you have one.

Together, you must also attach a citizen's card or passport from the parent / guardian and inform if the child has special educational needs; for any clarification it is possible to contact the services of the local authority through the number 289 599 611, between 09:00 and 16:00.


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