Former cabinet chief says he never uncovered any cover-up – The Economic Journal

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"I should like to inform you, in honor of my honor and the truth of the facts, that I have indeed received Mr. Colonel Luís Vieira [diretor da Polícia Judiciária Militar] and Mr. Major Brazão [porta-voz da Política Judiciária Militar], in my office in November 2017, "said Lt. Gen. António Martins Pereira, in a written statement sent by e-mail to Agência Lusa.

The former chief of staff of Minister Azeredo Lopes adds that "on that occasion or at any other time," it was not possible for him to disclose any fact that indicated any irregularity or indication of cover-up for any culprits in the theft of Tancos. "

He also informed the Central Department of Criminal Investigation and Action (DCIAP) that he is "available to be heard in the context of this case", on what he is aware of.

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