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The former director of the Military Judiciary Police said today that the President of the Republic has assured him that he would speak with the former Attorney General after complaints from him about the direction of the Tancos inquiry.

Earlier today, Luís Vieira, accused former PGR Joana Marques Vidal of having committed "an illegality" by withdrawing the direction of the inquiry into the Military Judiciary Police (PJM), heard in the parliamentary commission to investigate the theft of war material in Tancos, "Strictly military crimes" that thus "remained to be investigated."

The former national director of the PJM, accused in the process that investigates the theft and recovery of war material, said that on the afternoon of July 3 he spoke with the then Minister of National Defense on the subject and that Azeredo Lopes told him to "To appear" in Tancos the following day, because he would invite the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to visit that critical infrastructure.

On that occasion, after the visit to the perimeter of the parades, there was a "meeting in the guardhouse" in which, according to Luís Vieira, the President of the Republic questioned him about the progress of the investigations.

On the investigations in progress "could not say anything," but, said Luís Vieira, before "dozens of witnesses," he told Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa that he was worried about PGR's position on the direction of the investigation, which he considered illegal, and who did so insistently.

Soon after the hearing, the Presidency of the Republic published a note on its website, saying that, as the President of the Republic "has said several times", at the end of the visit to Tancos "the then Minister of Defense brought next to him or the Director of the Military Judiciary Police. "

"The President of the Republic told him that he would receive it in due course, an audience that never happened," the note added.

During the hearing, Colonel Luís Vieira said that Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa replied that "he was going to speak with the Attorney General and advised the defense minister to speak with his fellow minister of justice."

"I shared with the President of the Republic of my state of mind with the decision that the PGR violated three laws of the Assembly of the Republic, in the interpretation that I do, and I have insisted many times [no assunto] to the President of the Republic ".

Questioned by PSD deputy Rui Silva, who stated that "he is not seeing the President of the Republic to say that he was going to speak with the Prosecutor" on the subject, Colonel Luis Vieira replied: "I have dozens of witnesses."

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