Former Odebrecht president backs off allegations against Lula – Jornal Económico

Former Odebrecht president Marcelo Odebrecht said former head of state Lula da Silva cannot be held responsible for alleged irregularities in financing works in Angola.

According to the newspaper O Globo, Marcelo Odebrecht backed down from previous statements and pointed to several contradictions in the reports of his father, Emílio Odebrecht, former Finance Minister Antonio Palocci and former agent Lula da Silva himself, about financing from the National Development Bank. Economic and Social Organization (BNDES) in Angola.

“My father (Emilio Odebrecht) said he forgot a lot of things. It is extremely unfair to condemn Lula without clarifying the contradictions. My father said something to me and said something else to Lula, ”said Marcelo, in a teleconference statement to Judge Vallisney de Souza Oliveira, from the 10th Federal Court, quoted by Globo.

At issue is a process in which Lula, and former ministers Antonio Palocci and Paulo Bernardo [minsitros dos Governos de Lula da Silva e da antiga Presidente Dilma Rousseff] are being investigated for alleged favoring Odebrecht in financing the construction company's works in Angola.

The Federal Prosecutor suspects that Odebrecht paid $ 36 million (33 million euros) in bribes for Labor Party electoral campaigns in 2010, in an alleged retribution to the increase of a BNDES credit line of 500 million. from $ 1 billion to $ 1 billion (from € 455 million to € 911 million).

According to Globo, in one of the testimonies of the award-winning accusation [benefício legal concedido a um réu que aceite colaborar com a investigação criminal], Marcelo said that Paulo Bernardo requested the donation by nomination of former President Lula.

However, now Marcelo Odebrecht stepped back and said that the issue should be clarified by Emilio Odebrecht and the former minister, arguing that the construction company's intermediary with Lula was the father.

Last month, in a statement from the same lawsuit, Emílio Odebrecht said Lula made no request for money when they discussed Odebrecht's works in Angola.

"This statement (by Emilio Odebrecht), added to what he said today (Friday) Marcelo Odebrecht makes it clear that former President Lula did not commit any unlawful act, which was imputed to him in this action," said the lawyer of former agent Cristiano Zanin

The heir of Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, Marcelo Odebrecht, embroiled in an international corruption scandal, began last month to serve a sentence for corruption under a semi-open regime, after deciding to collaborate with the authorities to confess the crimes committed in Brazil and elsewhere, He can now leave during the day to work and is forced to return home at night.

Odebrecht was arrested in June 2015 under the Lava Jato, the largest anti-corruption operation in Brazil, which has been investigating the misappropriation of funds at Petrobras for more than five years and which has led dozens of businessmen and politicians to prison, including the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, arrested since April 2018.

In 2016, the businessman was sentenced to 19 years and four months for corruption, money laundering and illicit association, and later that year, Marcelo Odebrecht, along with 76 former executives of the company, signed a collaboration agreement with the authorities. Brazilian women.

In the statements, they confessed the corrupt practices practiced in Brazil and other countries in Latin America and Africa, promising not to repeat these actions.

Former President Lula da Silva, imprisoned for corruption since April last year, is serving a prison sentence of eight years and ten months, ratified in three different instances, and was allowed to move to a semi-open regime at the end of September.

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