Former pilot Hubert Auriol has died

Former pilot Hubert Auriol has died

Hubert Auriol, a former driver and winner of the all-terrain Dakar Rallye in cars and motorbikes, died this Sunday in Paris, at the age of 68, victim of heart problems, according to the French press, according to news item advanced by Correio da Manhã Online line.

Born in Ethiopia in 1952, Auriol became known as "Hubert the African", was the victim of "a cardiovascular accident, following a long fight against a disease", his family told AFP news agency.

Remember that Auriol was the first driver to win the race on motorcycles (1981 and 1983) and in cars (1992), before moving to the side of the organization for a decade, between 1995 and 2004, already at Amaury's service Sports Organization (ASO), the current organizer of the event that is taking place in Saudi Arabia. Hubert Auriol led other off-road races such as the Africa Race or the China Gran Rally.

In 1987, the year he suffered a violent accident in his last motorcycle participation in the Dakar, he broke the world tour record in propellers in 88 hours and 49 minutes, together with Formula 1 driver Henry Pescarolo.

It should be noted that in his autobiography, published in 2019, Hubert Auriol summed up his state of mind: "If it is impossible, it must be interesting".


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